Fusion Arts Physical Therapy

Fusion Arts Physical Therapy

Fusion Arts Physical Therapy is a boutique practice that specializes in the treatment of orthopedic conditions, whether acute, chronic, or post-surgical. What makes Fusion Arts Physical Therapy unique is the integration of traditional physical therapy treatments with Pilates and other non-traditional methods of rehabilitation. Helping you achieve a balanced lifestyle is key to long-term physical and emotional health. Whether you are an elite athlete or someone who needs to improve your daily quality of life, our mission is to help improve your overall fitness and sense of well-being.

Karen Moran, the founder of Fusion Arts Physical Therapy, is renowned in the entertainment world with a long and successful history of treating performing artists, from live theater to the movie and television industries. She knows how to think “out of the box” which is what makes her exceptional. Her healing energy and gifted hands are the reason why people always come back.

On-site care is a specialty. This includes injury prevention through manual therapy (soft tissue mobilization, joint and spinal mobilization, stretching), taping, dance medicine screenings, and lectures on body maintenance while performing on a raked stage. The demands placed on athletes and performers are carefully evaluated and treatment programs are individually designed to assist in your recovery.

Whether you are dealing with problems related to pregnancy or you are trying to return to your previous level of fitness after pregnancy, Fusion Arts can help you. Our services include:

* Pre-natal fitness programs and conditioning
* Post-partum strengthening
* Education on proper back care and body mechanics when dealing with the demands of motherhood (during and after pregnancy)
* Manual therapy techniques to deal with pelvic girdle instability, neck and back pain