“I am more than happy to recommend Karen Moran and Fusion Arts Physical Therapy.

As a company manager of the two year engagement of Wicked at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, and a one time tour manager of Riverdance, it was such a comfort to have the high level of experience and care from Karen for the artists in the show I managed.

Having returned to New York as VP of Operations for Nederlander’s 9 Broadway theatres, I wish I could move Fusion and Karen to New York to work on Broadway. Not only does Karen bring an impressive body of experience and knowledge to the work she does, she has a unique ability to innately connect with the whole life of the individual she works with. I can speak from experience, as she saved me from some horrible pinched nerves in my neck.

There is no question, athletes, performing artists, executives…anyone with an injury in need of the highest level of physical therapy care, will be lucky to have found Fusion Arts and Karen.”

– Bill Register
Vice President Operations

“Just the other day, a lady came up to me and asked, did I know Karen Moran and I said yes. She then proceeded to tell me how Karen had saved her life when she worked on her. Well, I wasn’t going to be out done, so I not only agreed with her, but I went on to tell her how Karen’s devotion to her work had inspired me, as well as healed me. Karen not only repairs the broken body but she gives you tools to live by as she works on you. Her healing hands are magic and leads one to a place where the spirit feels safe to rejoice. She is patient and understanding with those like myself who come to her in wonder, not knowing what to expect. Which makes the job of recovery from whatever injury fun, as you feel the joy of the results. Thank you Karen for your way of healing those of us who need you. Bless you.”

– Ben Vereen
Tony Award-winning Actor, Singer, Dancer

“When people ask me who my physical therapist is, I tell them I see Karen Moran and that she’s an angel. There aren’t enough words or ways for me to express how much you’ve helped me this year, and not just physically speaking. I came to Fusion Arts a year ago feeling deflated and skeptical of a new physical therapist, but as the year went on, and things ebbed and flowed, you remained a patient and positive force in both my recovery and my life. You’ve taught me so much, from how to take care of my body, how not to overanalyze the small stuff, and how radiating positivity will create a positive outcome. There have been a few tears, but mostly smiles, but maybe not the squat jumps. No matter where life takes me, dance or otherwise, I owe so much to you and the Fusion Arts team. What you do here is truly special and I am so thankful that I got to be a part of it. Thank you, thank you, and a million times, thank you.”

– Sabrina Sellers

“My daughter suffered from stubborn knee pain, forcing her to take a break from ballet.  Working with Karen not only fixed her problem, but it taught her how to build strength and prevent future injuries.  She has moved on to American Ballet Theater’s Pre-Professional program and has remained injury free.  We are beyond grateful”.

– Henny
Mother of Kelly Hicks

“When I first met Karen Moran, I was 7 months pregnant with my second child and could barely walk. I was carrying in such a way that walking and kneeling were extremely painful on my hips and lower back. Even the most common activities were excruciating, let alone trying to keep up with my three-year-old son. Karen was a Godsend. Not only was her presence so calming and healing in and of itself, but she immediately alleviated the pain through a series of gentle massage and stretching techniques. Karen took such good care of me, but also showed me how to take care of myself, which helped make the last few months of my pregnancy hopeful and joyful instead of miserable. Karen is amazing, nurturing, caring, experienced and dedicated… a true healer.”

– Michelle Hagen
Vice President of Universal Studios Partnerships (NBC/Universal)

“Karen Moran is amazing! I broke my foot in LA and had to have two surgeries as a result. Karen worked hard to make sure that my foot healed properly and I was back in peak shape so I could return to performing. She is kind and keeps you smiling, yet pushes you to the limit to make sure you recover 100%. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and a skilled physical therapist, but she is genuinely nurturing; which I think is her best asset. Injuries are major physical setbacks for performers and athletes, but they are also psychological. Karen got me my confidence back after my injury and reconnected my brain to my body.”

– Phillip Spaeth

“Speaking as a professional dancer, Karen Moran understands the daily demands we place on our bodies and has the knowledge and expert ability to keep them running smoothly with a strong emphasis on injury prevention. Karen saw me through an extremely difficult neck injury that, due to her, allowed me to continue dancing in an eight show a week performance schedule. Her knowledge in physical therapy coupled with Pilates gave me the strength necessary to overcome the pain and set out on a path to healing. I am forever indebted to her for prolonging my longevity as a dancer.”

– Brooke Wendle
Choreographer and Dancer

“Karen Moran is most certainly an angel! An angel with a vast amount of knowledge and a passion for helping people to gain complete physical well being. Working with Karen is always a wonderful experience. She doesn’t just treat whatever is bothering you, she also gives you the tools and knowledge that you need to treat yourself and prevent further injury. Her practice is very integrated. She pulls from her many years of experience and is open to new ideas and cutting edge therapies. She also has a way of putting a person at ease mentally. I truly love this woman! “

– Gina Starbuck

“Karen Moran is an extraordinary Physical Therapist. Her expertise speaks for itself in her training and education, an area that she constantly pushes in learning new and innovative treatment possibilities and skills. But what sets her apart is her intuitive and compassionate approach to understanding a body as it’s own entity and discerning each unique underlying issue or compromise. Treating injuries is not just her profession – it is her gift… one that she so willingly shares. Ms. Moran never limits herself with just the expected exercises one learns in school. She has an uncanny way of combining and creating movement possibilities that not only strengthen, but aids each client in executing and trusting the route back to a healthy, secure and pain-free existence. “Out of the box” is a phrase used too often and too generously with so many aspects of our society, but all one has to do is witness Ms. Moran at work to understand its true definition. If someone calls me looking for a true solution to a physical problem, Karen Moran is always the first name that comes to mind. Caring. Encouraging. Elite. Excellent. You won’t find better. “

-K.W. Miller
Licensed and Certified Gyrotonic Instructor, actor in Wicked

“Performing the role of Elphaba 8 times a week is challenging when healthy, but when I found myself injured… it was impossible. Karen [Moran] was instrumental in getting me back onstage with strength and confidence. She is a master at what she does. And with that mastery comes a kindness and understanding that helps speed up the healing. I will forever be grateful to her.”

– Stephanie J. Block
Actor, Singer, Performer in Wicked

“Karen is a model of physical therapy going beyond simply putting a patient through a series of physical moves and treating symptoms. Her genuine compassion and care for my teenage son, helped him circumvent discouragement and pushed him through a long, arduous recovery. Karen took hours of her own time to communicate in great detail with his doctors, school athletic trainers and parents, to promote a team approach to his rehab. We are deeply grateful to God who rewarded her efforts by restoring my son to play varsity basketball in his senior year of high school with hopes for college athletics.”

– M. Firestone
Mother of High School Basketball/Football Player

“Karen Moran is an intelligent, gifted and caring therapist. In her capable hands I made a incredible recovery from my back surgery in 2005. So there was no doubt who I would call for help when I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder in September of 2009. Because of Karen’s dedication to excellence, patience and encouragement I made a full recovery. She’s simply the best!”

– Nancy Allen

“Karen Moran is the ultimate professional! She is completely knowledgeable and totally experienced in Physical Therapy. Perhaps just as important, are her exceptional people skills. Karen’s demeanor is soft and caring – she makes you feel comfortable and confident from the moment that you meet her. Possibly her greatest personal asset is her ever present KINDNESS. I have been in her care over the years for foot, hand and back post-surgical Physical Therapy. She has helped immeasurably in the healing process regarding any and all related problems. I would recommend Karen without reservation to anyone who needs a competent, great person for Physical Therapy!”

– Joan Sugerman
Physical Education Teacher, Retired

“About five years ago I had a severe left shoulder problem with pain shooting down my arm. I was so incapacitated I could not lift my arm to comb my hair or perform ordinary tasks. I was terrified and thought that I that I might need surgery. The Orthopedic shoulder specialist I went to felt surgery was unnecessary and directed me to physical therapist, Karen Moran, certified in Pilates. He felt that Pilates with Karen Moran was absolutely the cure for me. He was so right. Karen’s therapy program corrected the problem and I am pain free. I feel it also contributed to an improvement to my general health.”

– Ruth Colman
Teacher, Retired

“In February of 2010 I had a complete right shoulder replacement at USC Medical Center. The surgeon prescribed physical therapy to help me regain as much range of motion for my arm as possible. I went to Karen Moran. The results of working with Karen and the exercises she directed me to do at home allows me to raise my arm above my head and behind my back without pain. A range of motion I have not had in years. I found her to be a very competent therapist, very knowledgeable, and a very caring person”

– Arnold Colman
Businessman, Retired